Family Vacations


Disney World April 2004

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San Diego May 2004
Rosana, Katrina, Awsumb and Wendy
Why is it that one kid is always looking the wrong way?
Kari (Katrina's Dad) and Awsumb feeding the Dolphins
Let's face it, Wendy did not want to touch the dead fish!
Awsumb, would not get close to those hungry dolphins, but Mommy couldn't resist
We were sad to say Goodbye to our friends as they left to go home to Finland!
Later that week we went back to Sea World for the Microsoft After Hours Party
We were glad to see our favorite shows again.  Awsumb loved the seal show,  "Fools with Tools"
While Daddy went to "Tech Ed"  Mommy and Awsumb hung out at the Hyatt. 
Below you can see the two Hyatt Tours. We spent our days at the pool on the middle roof deck.
In the evening we wandered down to Seaport Village to play some ball, see the kites and shop!
Awsumb trying out his new parachute guy.
Notice his new Dodgers hat.
It's always Mardi Gras at The Allen's!
Friday we went to see Great Grandpa Awsumb
Gpa played some baseball with Little Awsumb
You can't visit the Awsumb house without leaving your growth mark on the cabinet door!
Kenneth (in his first Reyn Spooner Aloha Shirt),
C.K. and Little Awsumb
Awsumb helping Uncle fix the light
Awsumb and Name in the window and snuggling in the big chair
Awsumb and Rambo going to "Guard" Awsumb and Rambo on a Hunt!
Feeding Rambo Tums Say Cheese!
Utah June 2004
Let's Hit the Road! Playing Ball with Gpa Awsumb


Chevron Cars A.K.A. The Happy Face Cars
Awsumb has become obsessed with these cars!  A few of his friends have quite a collection and he talks about them all the time.  We decided to give in and buy him a few.  We checked for cars each time we stopped for gas.  When we arrived in Utah, Gpa Awsumb even found a few the first ones hidden away in the basement.

Awsumb's Car Collection

Kenneth and Awsumb Washing the Car
  Child Labor!
(Awsumb recognized his name on Gma's license plate)
"I don't like bugs!"

  Gma Shirley and Alexander
Although Gma wasn't feeling well, she wasn't going to miss out on holding her newest Grandbaby!
Gpa and Kenneth show off their Bone Spurs
"After shots" will be taken next time we visit!
Happy Father's Day 2004
Breakfast at Mimi's Cafe "Let's Eat Dad!"
Gpa Awsumb Awsumb watching a DVD in the car
Uncle Greg The Hardy Boys
Tanis and Awsumb Uncle Greg
The Stingers vs. Sidewinders at Franklin Covey Field
(Bottom to top, right to left)
Maggie and Greg; Shilo and Eric
Tanis, GpaHardy, Shaylyn; Awsumb, Kenneth & Wendy's empty seat!; Gpa and Gma Awsumb
Drue and Shantel; Jeff and Mickie
What a great view!
We sure miss evenings at the ballpark in Salt Lake
Zing, Mickie and Awsumb
Duane and Shaylyn Tanis and Awsumb, watching the game
A visit with Great Grandpa Hardy
Awsumb and Colin try on their new
 "Bob the Builder" Coats from Gpa Awsumb
Kenneth, Awsumb and the mountains at dusk
Picnic with Carrol and her Darling Daughters!
Although we went to a fun park, all Awsumb wanted to do was play baseball

Alexia getting in the game
Abby was so patient with Awsumb,
she was a great catcher!
Alexia helping Abby clean up her skinned knee
Alexia, Abby and Awsumb
Utah November 2004
Grandpa Awsumb's Birthday Visiting with Great Grandpa Hardy
Jumping on the couch! Silly Boy!
Look at me!  
Chevron Cars

1, 2, 3 GO!!! Shaylyn, Awsumb, Tanis
Hardy's New House
Guy and Erin
November 13, 2004
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Disney World!
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Father's Day and
November visit to Utah
Guy and Erin's Wedding


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