Family Vacations

Animal Kingdom
Family Portrait Favorite Treat! -Mickey Premium Bar
A couple of Macaws A couple of Monkeys
The Tree of Life on Discovery Island
Hidden deep inside the Tree of Life we saw "It's Tough to be a Bug!" This 3D Thriller had young children screaming and parents rushing for the exit!  It was great, we loved it!
Awsumb and Flik, star of "A Bug's Life"
The Land of Africa
Awsumb was so excited to go on the Kilimanjaro Safari!  We saw all kinds of animals on the tour: elephants, zebras, and lions to name a few.  We also saw a few more animals on the walking trail like gorillas and hippos.
After a successful Safari you have to eat at the Tusker House for a nice salmon lunch.
Awsumb's first skinned knees. By the end of the trip his knees and legs were pretty banged up. Awsumb getting fixed up at the First Aid Station
Festival of the Lion King
 This Musical Review was a lot of fun and one of Awsumb's favorite shows at Disneyworld.  Here is Awsumb and Timon from The Lion King.
Camp Minnie-Mickey

A great place to meet all your favorites
like Pluto and Goofy!

DinoLand USA
We decided to use our baby swap privileges to ride the DINOSAUR ride.  A trip back in time, much like the Indiana Jones ride in California.  Lots of fun and a few frights!
Awsumb and Daddy loved The Boneyard Playground
Kenneth taking a test drive Tarzan Rocks - Not quite the rock concert we hoped for!  But is was a nice break on a hot day.
Awsumb eating his Happy Meal Awsumb's first water gun
Maharajah Jungle Trek
Komodo dragons, tigers, bats and more...
Stanley, who loves to learn about animals
Disney's Port Orleans Resort
French Quarte

We are so glad we decided to stay at a Disney Resort.  Catching a bus to all the parks was pretty quick.  We were only a boat ride from Downtown Disney for shopping and dinner out.  Awsumb loved the pool, which we have no pictures of.  The pool had a great water slide and Awsumb went down by himself over and over again!

Dinner at the Magic Kingdom
Awsumb and EEYore
Pooh Piglet
Ice Cream Dessert Fireworks!
Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland
The Sword in the Stone


You can't go to Disneyworld without getting Mickey Ears!  Personalized with "Awsumb"
Toon Town Fair
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Awsumb finally meets Mickey!

Old stand by's! Dumbo and The Magic Carpets
"To infinity and beyond!"
This was probably one of the most fun rides for Awsumb.
Riders are thrown into a video game to save the Galaxy. 
Awsumb trying out his 3D Glasses for Mickey's PhilharMagic show.  What fun to see Awsumb experience 3D for the first time! Talking Trash Can?
This Robotic trash can followed us around and really took to Awsumb, calling him by name.  Awsumb loved it!
Indy Speedway Buzz Lightyear! 
"Does this look too silly?" "Hi, I'm Mike!"
"I don't think so?" "How do I look Mommy?"
You have to tour the Swiss Family Tree House and go on a Jungle Cruise in Adventureland
And don't forget, one of our favorite rides...
Peter Pan Captain Hook
We also went through the Haunted Mansion. Awsumb loved this ride at Disneyland 6 months before, but this ride wasn't as enchanting, was very dark and included more ghouls jumping up to say "BOO!"

Altogether we went to Magic Kingdom 3 days and one evening during our stay.  On our last day at Disneyworld we planned to go to the Magic Kingdom one last time.  Just as we arrived the skies opened and began to poor rain.  We were drenched.  We decided to stick it out and stashed the cameras in a locker.  We ended up having a pretty great day. The crowds went back to their resorts to dry off.  And the heavy rain stopped later in the afternoon. Kenneth even went on Splash Mountain.  What the heck, he was soaked anyway!

At the end of the day we went to Downtown Disney for shopping and dinner. 
One of our favorite souvenirs was to load up a box of pieces for Mr. Potato Head!
(The best deal at WDW $16 for as many pieces as you can stuff in a box!)

Let me pull out my soapbox and say a few words about STROLLERS!  What's the deal with strollers?  If your children are too lazy to walk don't take them to Disneyworld!  They just get in everyone's way and are sooo annoying!  Furthermore, what's up with 8-10 year olds riding in strollers?  AAAAAhhhh!!!  (I am not talking about physically challenged or sick kids, of course we want them to enjoy Disney Magic too.)  In the end they become carts to lug everyone's stuff around.  That being said, we did bring a small umbrella stroller and when we went back to a park late evening or out to a late dinner we did bring ours, but tried to be very respectful of others.
Dinner at Chef Mickey's
Donald Duck Minnie Mouse
Chip or Dale? Chef Mickey!
Goofy! "Hi there!"
At one point in the evening music came on and all the kids stood up on their chairs and began waving their napkins around.  As I tried to figure out how to deal with the situation (no way was MY child going to act like a hooligan at dinner) all the characters came out and began dancing!  It was a lot of fun.
Character Meals are the best way to assure you kids a chance to meet their favorite characters!
Disney MGM Studios
Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular
"We loved it, especially the 2nd time when they were able to get the set working and go through the entire performance!"
Sword Fighting
Toy Story at Al's Toy Barn
Sulley, From Monster's Inc.
One of the best things for Awsumb to do at Disney world was simply meeting all his favorite characters from his books and movies.  The Tower of Terror
This was another ride we baby-swapped to ride.
After we each took our turn, having heard  the riders scream for their lives, Awsumb said,
"I don't want to ride on it"
as if we were going to give him a turn next!

We only spent one day at MGM. 
We did see the highlights, but one more day would have been perfect.
Other favorites at MGM...

Beauty and the Beast
"I was not impressed with the costumes or performance
compared to the Broadway touring company"

Playhouse Disney Live on Stage
"Roly Poly Olie and Stanley are soo cool!"

The Muppets in 3D
"Funny silly Muppet Movie"

Epcot Future World
Mission: Space
This was another prefect ride to baby swap.  There was even a fun playground for Awsumb to play while he waited for Mommy and Daddy to take turns in the Simulator to space.  This ride was awesome! I could hardly breathe on the take off, and the going weightless was soo cool!
Epcot World Showcase
This was a nice relaxing day. 
We tried to taste something in each country, sushi in Japan, pasta in Italy, etc.
I was disappointed with the shops, not as exciting as we hoped,
but I did get a new Hummel from Germany.
Awsumb and his Norwegian flag
The Big Troll in Norway Toy Shop in England
Coloring in Mexico Passport stamps in Germany
 Little Viking Awsumb in Norway Our Little Roman Statue in Italy
Our WDW Vacation was a last minute thought.  I did not realize how huge WDW was, or even that there were multiple parks.  Kenneth did prepare by reading a few books full of reviews and tips.
We decided to buy Park Hopper Passes, and stay at a Disney Resort.
If you are planning a trip to WDW, take it easy. 
Make sure to take advantage of fast pass, baby swap, and early hours for Disney resort guests.
Check show times and waiting times first thing when you arrive at a park.
Bottom line, you need a plan, and then you need to be prepared to change it! 

Possibly plan a day in the middle of your trip to swim and relax at your resort. 
Get in shape before you go!  Kenneth read you can walk up to 18 miles a day.  I believe it!
The books say to have your family up to walking 6 miles a day.

My overall review of WDW compared to Disneyland is that
"Bigger isn't always better, sometimes it's just bigger!"
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