Christmas 2006





Christmas Dinner at Chandler's
Don't be crabby!
Christmas Eve
The stockings were hung...
Awsumb and Mommy Daddy and Awsumb
The Christmas Story Little Awsumb
The Night Before Christmas
Christmas Morning
Stocking Gifts
Nintendo DS from Santa Scripture Scouts - New Testament
Lego Star Wars from Daddy Playmobil Dino Expedition from Mommy
To Daddy:  Batman Legos!   Love, Awsumb Camping stuff from Awsumb Grandparents
Mommy's new sled from Awsumb
Playing with trains
Trek bike from Hardy Grandparents
Aloha shirts from Auntie and Uncle
Daddy reading to Awsumb on Tablet PC
Playing XBox with Caleb
Christmas Toys!
Awsumb and Kyle Star Wars Action Figures