Christmas 2005


Christmas Eve
Awsumb and Nathan
Little Drummer Boy

Favorite Scarf from Teacher Debbie

Lake Union, Seattle

Christmas Cherries Sushi!
Dinner at Chandler's Kenneth and Awsumb
The Night Before Christmas
Awsumb tells the Nativity story
Christmas Morning
Stocking Loot! Playmobil Castle from Santa
Gifts from Mommy and Daddy
Grandpa's new Cub's Hat Ballpark Book
The Hardy's
Awsumb's new camera  
The Awsumb Hardy's!

Christmas Dinner
Kyle and Awsumb The Shanley Family
Christmas Toys!
  Awsumb and Daddy show off their new Aloha shirts
Awsumb's new tools

Building the Playmobil Rock Castle
Awsumb and Mommy
Playing Games with Grandpa and Grandma
Taking Grandpa and Grandma back to the airport  :(