Family Vacations

February 2002
1st Family Road Trip

Seattle to California, through Nevada to Utah, up to Idaho and home again.

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June 2002
"Family Reunion Tour!"
Awsumb took his first airplane ride to California to visit his "Awsumb" family
Aunt Laurel, Awsumb, Wendy and Uncle C.K.
Awsumb meets Great Grandpa Awsumb!
The traditional picture on the front porch at Great Grandpa Awsumb's House
On the way home we stopped in Utah to go to the "Hardy" Family Reunion.
(Reunion Picture with everyone coming soon...)
Duane, Shirley, Eric, Shaylynn, Shilo, Tanis, Greg, Kenneth, Awsumb and Wendy
Great Grandpa Hardy Awsumb with Mommy and Daddy
Hardy 4-Generations Flying Airplanes
Then onto the Utah Awsumb house
Awsumb and Gpa Awsumb
Hawaiian Outfit with Crazy Hair! 
Little Surfer Boy
C.K. bouncing Awsumb Awsumb and Drue
Awsumb loved to play with Rambo

Happy Birthday Tanis!
Shaylyn, Awsumb and Tanis play with his new "little people farm"

Shaylyn and Awsumb Tanis and Awsumb at play!
Grandpa Hardy helps Awsumb take a ride Great Gpa Hardy working on Family History

August 2002 Trip to Utah
Katie's Wedding (click link to see more pictures)

Uncle Brian found a golf ball outside the reception center, with grass stains and everything. 
 (Katie's wedding reception was at a golf course) 
Well, this became Awsumb's favorite toy of the day!

Gpa A and Awsumb scream! Awsumb loves Guy's Scruff!
Awsumb and Aunt Heather After a long day Awsumb finds
comfort with Gma A
Awsumb playing with his new Airplane Toy. 
He is so good on plane rides.  Secret:  Fly at bedtime!
Wendy meets her online friend Janell.  Here is Awsumb and Halle together!   
Halle crawls circles around Awsumb Halle gives a smile to show off her teeth!


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Family Fun

2002 Family Vacations

February 2002 Olympic Games

June 2002
Family Reunion Tour!
California & Utah

August 2002 - Utah
Katie's Wedding
2005 Family Vacations

January - California
April - Utah - Greg & Maggie's Wedding
May - California - Gpa Awsumb's Funeral
July - Utah - Drue & Shantel's Wedding
September - Utah - Gpa Hardy Funeral

2003 Family Vacations
June 2003 - Utah
Jeff and Mickie's Wedding
October 2003 - Utah and California

November 2003 - Utah
Grandpa Awsumb's Bday
Wallace Family Reunion

Kenneth's European tour!
Coming... someday

2004 Family Vacations

Disney World!
San Diego, Sea World and More!
Father's Day and
November visit to Utah
Guy and Erin's Wedding


2006-07 Family Vacations
June 06 - Utah
March 07 - California

2008 Family Vacations
February 08 - California
October 08 - Utah

2009 Family Vacations
June 09 - California Road Trip
Summer of the DayCation
October 09 - Utah Road Trip

2010 Family Vacations




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