At the Ballpark

Go Mariners!  2009
Armed Forces Day at the Mariners
May 2006 Foul Ball from the Orioles!
Baseball Bunny

July 2006
So cool he's gotta wear shades
Mommy's new hat
Right field
October 2006
A Totally Awsumb 5th Bday Party at Safeco Field

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Spring 2005
I Got it! Sleepy Boy!
June 2005
What day game is complete
without lunch at FX McRory's

Look at me!

July 2005
Bat Night Squishee!
August 2005
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack!
#1 Fan M's Kids Bucket
TiGAR! Lunch box!
October 2005 1st Cotton Candy
April 16, 2004
First game of the partial season package.  This year our tickets were on the 1st base line.  After all those years on the third baseline I had a hard time following the game. Everyone was running the wrong way!  Awsumb sure loved being able to watch Ichiro out in right field.
  Kenneth, Awsumb and Robert
Awsumb and Mommy
August 25, 2004
Lauren, Kevin, Kenneth
Kyle and Awsumb
Awsumb and Kyle big enough for their own seats!
To Lauren's right you can see our Season Ticket Buddies!
There were sure patient and kind to Awsumb.
October 2, 2004
Edgar Martinez Day
Awsumb actually cried when we told him Edgar was retiring. 
We were lucky enough to get to see him play one last time!
"I wish we could eat corndogs everyday!" "Look at my new warm up jacket!"
Edgar At Bat Ichiro Setting The Hit Record
Edgar At 2nd Base Cleaning the Field!
 Mommy's favorite part of baseball!
Edgar Speaks EDGRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
We Love You Edgar!

Seattle, Mariners Opening Day 2003!

Daddy and Awsumb playing catch and watching the game...

May 9, 2003
The Hardy Boys at the Mariner's Game
Take me out to the ball game! Awsumb's first fitted baseball cap
Awsumb trying out his own seat... shortly after this he had his first beer!  OH, you didn't hear the story, well, when Daddy wasn't looking he picked up someone's empty discarded bottle and we caught him on the upswig! Gpa and Gma Hardy, Kenneth and Awsumb, who already can't take his eyes off the field!


August 29, 2003

The Awsumb-Hardy's at Safeco Field!

"Hurry up mom, we don't want to be late" Gpa and Gma Hardy, Awsumb and Kenneth
Oh, and of course, "Seattle Mix - Kettle Korn"
Mariners 2002 Season

Awsumb's first Major League Game at Safeco Field.
  Mariners vs. Athletics

At first Awsumb was startled and even cried
as the crowd jumped up to cheer for the first home run of the night!

After few innings Awsumb warmed up to the game.  Below Awsumb and Daddy show off their hats!

June 8, 2002
Cubs vs. Mariners
Wendy, Awsumb and Kenneth
donning their M's Hats!
Gpa and Gma Hardy, Awsumb and Kenneth



August 2002
Awsumb and Daddy read about baseball before the big game!
Go Mariners! Let's Play catch!
Awsumb and Daddy out back before our last game of the season.
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At the Ball Park
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