Family Fun Snapshots

January 2003
Super Bowl Party
The guys...JC, Jacob, Kenneth and Jed Shazer playing football
The kids...  Shazer, Sammy, Aiza ,Emma, CJ, Awsumb and Anjah

February 2003
Daddy and Awsumb fall asleep in front of the fire,
cuddled in the new quilt Mommy made for a Valentine's Gift
March 2003
Gpa Awsumb comes to visit
Kisses! Working on the Alphabet puzzle!
Wendy, Gpa Awsumb, and Little Awsumb
at Deception Point on Whidbey Island, Washington
Snoqualmie Falls, Washington  March 2003
Awsumb in his "puffalump coat" 
Ok, so I bought it big, hoping he could wear it next year
At least I  took the hood off so it didn't completely suffocate him!
Mommy and Awsumb Daddy sneaks a shot of Mommy's Dooney
Awsumb and Daddy sporting their matching "Hoodies"
Easter Sunday 2003

Hardy Family plans for Easter weekend....

Friday- The "Tulip Festival"
Saturday Morning- Easter Egg Hunt and pancake breakfast in town
Saturday Afternoon- plant flowers in Mommy's flower beds
Sunday- Awsumb's first day of Jr. Nursery at Church
Family Dinner - Mommy's special Lamb Stew

Actual Itinerary...

Friday- Go to the doctor. After 3 days of the tummy flu Awsumb was mildly dehydrated
Saturday- Clean and sanitize everything in the house!
Continue giving Awsumb water through a syringe and try to get Awsumb to eat some crackers.
Sunday- rewash everything that Awsumb got sick on the night before!
Continue trying to get Awsumb to drink water, but still resorting to the syringe!

Actually Sunday Awsumb did start to look a bit better.  He said more than just a couple of words and even got up and walked around a bit.  Awsumb was excited to play with his new little duck sent by Gpa and Gma Awsumb.  He even added the word "duck" to his vocabulary.  We decided to go outside and blow bubbles and even take a walk since it was warm outside.
Awsumb wanted to make the bubbles himself,
but ended up eating the wand!

In this picture you can see
Mommy's first try at cutting Awsumb's hair.

Father and Son Portraits Spring 2003
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May 2003
The Hardy's come to visit
Awsumb's new wagon from Gpa and Gma Hardy
Daddy's turn to take Awsumb for a ride! Daddy and Awsumb put up this flag together.
Awsumb always goes to it and says "dada" as if he remembers their little project.
Mommy's rhododendrons have begun to flower, and are nice and pink!
Awsumb, shopping for a new car...
Note the "Bob the Builder" book that we just couldn't leave the store without!
"All right, let's play some ball!"
Awsumb and Gpa H eating french toast Gpa Hardy reading what else, "Bob the Builder"
No visit would be complete without a trip to the Ball Park!  click here to see...
Mother's Day


Awsumb says, "I love you Mommy!"

The Allen's Come to visit
Playing tourist at the Seattle Center and Experience Music Project
After all that sightseeing and a taste of Seattle rain we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant Chandler's Crab House on Lake Union. CK and Awsumb show off their Hawaiian Shirts!
CK and Awsumb Play a little ball
Auntie Laurel teaches Awsumb to play tennis by blowing bubbles for practice!
Robert's New 'Vette!
Kenneth's car, parked just behind, just doesn't seem as cool anymore!
July 4, 2003
Daddy and Awsumb Awsumb and Mommy
Are we there yet? At the Kirkland Parade
August 2003
Gma and Gpa Hardy visit after a cruise around Alaska
Gpa Hardy took us all to the Mariner's Game
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September 2003
Last BBQ of the Season...
All the kids flying their whirly gigs
BBQ King Anjah and JC
All the kids!
Pinata Time!
Shazer helping Awsumb, as this was his first pinata Sammi!
Anjah, getting instructions Emma gives a good "wack" with help from CJ
Shazer, who kept saying to everyone else,
"Be serious now!"
Aiza, good swing!
CJ peeking at her damage Jacob, checking out his position
Awsumb really "getting serious" As you can see the kids hardly made any damage. Jacob had to finish it off!
Awsumb and Nathan taking a ride...
Watermelon anyone?
Mommy and Awsumb spent a lot of time together this summer. We read books, played in the front yard.  Went to the Lake or the Pool everyday.  Sounds great huh?  Well, wait 'til you see what Daddy did all summer!

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(coming someday?)

A Quick Visit to Utah   Click here to see photos
It's just never the Cub's Year.  All the boys in the Hardy family watched anxiously
to see if the Cubs would make it to the World Series!
California Vacation 
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October 2003
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The Pumpkin Patch
Halloween Night
November 2003
Road Trip to Utah  Click here to see photos
Wallace Family Reunion in Utah Gpa Awsumb's Bday Party
  Cheerios Anyone?
Awsumb's Turkey Artwork
Kyle and Awsumb "Do I have full coverage?"
Casual Thanksgiving Dinner, with Soda Pop! Daddy and Awsumb build shelves for the mud room
Merry Christmas 2003
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