February 2002 Road Trip
Washington, California, Utah and Back Again!


February 5-
Kenneth and Wendy pack up the SUV and get ready for the big trip!

February 6-
Despite bronchial infections Awsumb and Wendy enjoy the ride, stopping only in Portland and Eugene, Oregon.  As we drove we chased a big storm and decided to stop in Medford, California.
February 7-
Drove to Chico, California to visit Kevin and Lauren Shanley and their new baby Kyle.  Kevin and Lauren took us on the tour of the campus at Chico State where Kevin works.  A short visit, but we enjoyed our stay.
Kevin, Kyle, Kenneth and Awsumb
Awsumb and Kyle     2-8-02

Look how big we are!

February 8
One the road again, this time to Lake Tahoe.  Microsoft put us up at the Hyatt. 
Awsumb loved the big log bed!  Plenty of room to kick and play. 
We met up with Laurel and CK and enjoyed a nice dinner on the lake at the Lone Eagle Grill.

Kenneth, Wendy and Awsumb on the Beach Awsumb in his big log bed!
February 9-
Laurel and CK showed us around Tahoe.  The scenery was gorgeous.  Between the sparkling lake, shimmering snow and bright blue sky the brightness was overwhelming.  Awsumb and Wendy got sunburn on their cheeks.  We especially loved shopping at the Christmas shop and the local Gallery.  Later that night Microsoft hosted a dinner for the Visual Studio team.  Awsumb decided he didn't want to stay for the entertainment, so he and Wendy went back to the room to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.
Wendy, Kenneth and Awsumb check out the view The View at Lake Tahoe
February 10-
We said goodbye to Tahoe and caravanned with CK and Laurel to Elko, Nevada. 
Boy, that was an exciting town!  Brrr was it cold!
February 11-
Finally on to Utah.  We drove through the salt flats and arrived in the afternoon at the Hardy's.  After we got settled we rushed over to Eric and Shilo's house the see Tanis and their new baby Shaylyn.  She was sure tiny.
February 12-
Aunt Katie came over to the Hardy's to say hello to Awsumb.  Kenneth picked Robert up from the airport.  We took a drive through our old haunts where we used to live in Salt Lake.  Some things were just the same and others very different.  We all went uptown to see the Olympic Medals Plaza and Temple Square.  We were surprised to see the city so empty. We ran around to the different booths and collected pins.  Then we walked over to see the lights at Temple Square.  Duane had arranged for us to get tickets to see "The Testament" at the Joseph Smith building.  After a long day we finally let Robert rest!
The Olympic Torch at Rice Stadium The Salt Lake Temple

February 13-
Grandma Shirley took the day off work to baby-sit Awsumb.  Duane had been volunteering at "The Luge" track and arranged for all of us to go see the Ladies Luge.  We all bundled up and took the early bus up to Park City.  Duane had reserved a spot for us right on the most exciting turn.  We could see pretty far up and down the track and also the scoreboard and jumbo-tron.  Duane hurt his hand and so had the day off "sweeping the track" and was able to explain the event to us.  The sleds came by so fast! If you blinked you would miss it!  We had so much fun watching the racers come down the track.  Kenneth went to buy Wendy a small flag to wave and of course didn't get the one she asked for!  But, she had fun waving her flag and seeing it on the jumbo-tron anyhow! The Germans won Gold, Silver and Bronze.  USA did get 4th place.

Wendy and Kenneth at the Luge track Duane and Dennis
Everyone at the Luge! Laurel, Robert and Kenneth
Wendy and Dad with her big Flag Colleen, Wendy and Laurel
Everyone tried desperately to catch a picture of the Luge runners...
Robert, Kenneth, and Duane The scoreboard before the Germans took their final run and "swept" gold, silver and bronze
February 14-
Kenneth and Robert scored Hockey tickets and went over tot he "E"-center to see the game.  
Later that night we all went out to Rodizio Grill for a Valentine's dinner. 
We all enjoyed trying different kinds of meat, from rattle-snake to elk, brought to the table on large skewers.
Kenneth and Robert at the "E"-Center The Hockey Game...
February 15-
Kenneth saw Robert off at the airport.  We went over to Awsumb's to visit with CK and Laurel on their last night before their journey home.  We all went out to chinese at Sanpan for dinner. 

Awsumb with Uncle CK and Grandpa Awsumb

Aunt Laurel and Awsumb ready for bed
Grandpa Awsumb looks at pictures with Awsumb

Will you be my Valentine?
Grandma Awsumb Kisses Awsumb

Grandma and Grandpa Awsumb play with Awsumb while watching figure skating

February 16-
We moved from the Hardy's house into the Awsumb's house.  Brian and Heather came in town from Washington D.C.  We enjoyed visiting with them.  Heather brought Awsumb a bear she had made for him with a baseball outfit and it played, "take me out to the ball game".  We all went out to dinner at the Lone Starr Grill (Katie's Favorite).  Drue and Guy kept us up late playing a killer tournament of "Settler of Catan".

Aunt Katie rushed over to visit Awsumb
at The Hardy Home when we first arrived in town.

Uncle Brian and Aunt Heather
with the bear she made for Little Awsumb
Uncle Drue Wendy and Awsumb being silly
Awsumb license plate Awsumb and Grandpa's Chevy
Grandpa's new toy Working on the car!

Awsumb slept in a laundry basket
at Gma Awsumb's house

Awsumb's favorite rattle

February 17-
We all went over to Hardy's church for Shaylyn's blessing.  She wore a white dress with bright pink bows that her mother wore when she was blessed.  After church Grandma Shirley made the family a big dinner.  Grandpa Hardy, Uncle Dave, his wife Velyn and their Daughter MacKenzie came over. 
Great Grandpa Hardy 4 Generations of Hardy's
Duane, Howard, Awsumb and Kenneth
The Duane Hardy Family Awsumb with Cousins
Tanis, MacKenzie, and Shaylyn
Uncle Greg with all the kids... Uncle Greg
February 18-
Grandma Awsumb's turn to baby-sit Awsumb.  Dennis, Duane, Kenneth and Wendy drove up to Ogden to see "Woman's Curling".  Our seats were right on the front row.  We had no idea what curling even was.  Duane printed rules off the internet.  We caught on fast and all enjoyed the strategy of the game.
Dennis, Kenneth, Duane and  Wendy at Ladies Curling Japan
Denmark Germany
February 19-
This day we arranged to spend with Great Grandpa Hardy.  We took him out to lunch and visited all afternoon.  Great Grandpa Hardy told us about all the temples he had worked on (he was in the marble and stone business) and we worked on his computer.  We sure had a nice day visiting with him!  Duane was able to get tickets for us to see Creed sings at the Medals Ceremony that night.  We were sooo tired and decided we should catch up on sleep instead.
February 20-
Grandma Shirley took the day off work to baby-sit Awsumb again.  Dad had tickets for us all to see the Medals Ceremony.  There was 3 USA gold medals that night.   Hearing the national anthem played over and over was priceless.  It rained that evening and was very cold, but still exciting to see!
February 21
Our longtime friend Denise threw a shower for Awsumb.  Denise is such a great hostess! 
It was so fun to see many of our friends. Everyone brought Awsumb really nice gifts.  Thank you!
February 22-
We did some shopping and ran errands around town.  Awsumb started feeling sick and lost his voice, poor thing!
February  23-
We decided to take Awsumb into the doctor where he was diagnosed with having his first ear infection.
The rest of the day we packed up all of our things to get ready for the long trip home.
February 24-
We left Salt Lake City and drove to Boise, Idaho.  We spent the night at the Marriott and watched the
Olympic Closing Ceremonies.  Our vacation then felt over and we longed for our own pillows!
February 25-
After a long day in the car we finally made it home just in time to go to bed!  Home-Sweet-Home.
Our very own pillows sure felt comfy!

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