Family Vacations

Summer 2003 Kenneth travels to
D.C., Dallas, England, Spain, New Orleans and NYC...

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 Since Daddy was away on business all summer,
Awsumb and Mommy took a vacation of their own.

June 2003 Awsumb and Mommy visit Utah

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Gpa Awsumb reads Awsumb bedtime stories,
Building and Baseball what else is there in life?
Awsumb's first skinned knee
Awsumb and Guy playing Super Heroes Katie and Jared and Awsumb, being silly!
Awsumb ate about 6 wedding cookies!
What a little piggie!  Just look at him,
he has to put up his hand to keep the cookies in!
The only picture we could get of Awsumb with his cousin's Colin and Brittany Rallison
The pictures says it all...
After everyone took off for Idaho, for the second half of the wedding festivities,
Awsumb and I went to stay with the Hardy's...
I guess I was the one taking all the pictures, as I am in none!
Awsumb and Hardy Gparents Shilo, Shaylyn, Eric and Tanis Hardy
Awsumb and Uncle Greg Gpa Hardy and all his favorite Grandkids
Gpa Hardy playing with the Grandkids!
"Is it lunchtime yet?"
"Mmm, Mmm, Mmm" as Awsumb stays when he eats
"Get me outta here!" In the end, Awsumb is the sole survivor
"Hey Tanis,
let me tell you a little something about girls"
Awsumb and Tanis just being boys
"Yeah, I think we can put this thing together" "Who wants to play some ball?"
Uncle Greg Helps the cousins try out the new hoop Awsumb shows off his dribbling skills
"Uncle Greg, Let me show you
how to hit a home run!"
"And in case you need some foot ball tips..."
No trip would be complete without a visit to Great Grandpa Hardy's house!
Below Awsumb plays catch with Great Gpa Hardy
A Quick Visit to Utah - October 2003
Gma Shirley and Awsumb singing together!
Big Bear Park, where Mommy played
when she was Awsumb's age!
Ok, so spiders are creeepy!
The shoe!  It's still there. Awsumb riding the Elephants!
Gpa and Gma Awsumb - Snowbird Octoberfest
California Visit October 2003
Awsumb, checking his map,
which he carried most of the day!
Hurry Up Dad, "Awsumb meet Mickey"
Awsumb said this over and over fort he first half of the day!
Dumbo, Awsumb's favorite ride! Eating at the Pirates of the Caribbean restaurant
Finally!  Meeting Mickey, hey he's a little strange! Mommy's trip to first aid
for a nose bleed that wouldn't let up!
Awsumb was so sweet all day.  Very Patient in long lines. When we got to the first of the line he would yell, "Awsumb's turn!" Tigger!  What a silly guy!
Just a few minutes after this photo Awsumb asked to be carried and fell right asleep for the night!
Visiting Auntie and Uncle's race horse What a beautiful track!
  Being measured by Great Grandpa Awsumb
One of the Highlights of the visit.
Awsumb, sharing McDonalds lunch
with his Great Gpa Awsumb

Awsumb's little Bed at Auntie Laurel's house  
Great Gpa Awsumb took his Great Grandson
all over the neighborhood to show him off!
  Little Tree Monkey!
Awsumb petting "Name"
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The Pumpkin Patch
Halloween Night
Road Trip to Utah November 2003
Gpa Awsumb's Birthday Party!
Make a wish! Gma Awsumb reading to Little Awsumb
(Monsters Inc. for the 100th time!)
Uncle Drue, who makes the best
chocolate chip cookies ever!
Awsumb's new BYU hat
We bought and U of U one too,
but are not posting pictures
so we aren't written out of the Hardy Family will!
Daddy and Awsumb The Awsumb - Kidds!
(Ha ha ha, play on words!)
A Wallace Family Reunion!
Shilo and Eric, Shaylyn and Uncle Greg, Kenneth and Wendy, Duane Hardy
Gpa Wallace, Tanis, Gma Wallace, Shirley, Awsumb and Great Gpa Hardy
Cousins - Tanis, Awsumb and Shaylyn Awsumb and Great Gpa hardy
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2002 Family Vacations

February 2002 Olympic Games

June 2002
Family Reunion Tour!
California & Utah

August 2002 - Utah
Katie's Wedding
2005 Family Vacations

January - California
April - Utah - Greg & Maggie's Wedding
May - California - Gpa Awsumb's Funeral
July - Utah - Drue & Shantel's Wedding
September - Utah - Gpa Hardy Funeral

2003 Family Vacations
June 2003 - Utah
Jeff and Mickie's Wedding
October 2003 - Utah and California

November 2003 - Utah
Grandpa Awsumb's Bday
Wallace Family Reunion

Kenneth's European tour!
Coming... someday

2004 Family Vacations

Disney World!
San Diego, Sea World and More!
Father's Day and
November visit to Utah
Guy and Erin's Wedding


2006-07 Family Vacations
June 06 - Utah
March 07 - California

2008 Family Vacations
February 08 - California
October 08 - Utah

2009 Family Vacations
June 09 - California Road Trip
Summer of the DayCation
October 09 - Utah Road Trip

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