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Christmas at Our House
Decorating the tree Daddy and Awsumb reading the Christmas Story
  Awsumb as a Wiseman
Mommy and Awsumb
The Night Before Christmas
Awsumb and Daddy read the Christmas Story Gifts for Jesus


Cookies for Santa

Christmas Teddy Bears
The newest member of the collection, "Benji" from Aunt Katie
This year his favorite bear was Dumbo and Peanuts.
Awsumb dragged him around the house all season.

Christmas Morning
As Awsumb opened each gift he tore off small pieces of wrapping, holding them up as if they were contaminated saying, "garbage"  I think we have a small clip of video.  Kenneth will have to load that up to the web!
Awsumb's stocking loot... That's it?
Every kids needs a View Master!
Leap Pad, and a Awsumb's first games! Thomas the Train!
Awsumb and Kyle Thanks to all the Grandparents and Drue!
Mommy and Awsumb  


Kenneth, Wendy and Awsumb