Christmas 2004

"I'll play my drum for him

Christmas Eve
Let's Eat! Nathan's 1st Superheroes!
Christmas Cowboy "I got the presents Mom, let's go!"
Tickle Preston Awsumb, Preston and Nathan
  Robert and Awsumb, too cute!
Tools from Robert

Three cookies for Santa and three carrots for the reindeer (guess they have to share) Reading the Christmas Story
Awsumb's new stocking
(notice his new army guy from Drue, which hasn't left his side)
Christmas Morning
  "Finally, my own marbles"
"I sure hope there are some Hot Wheels in here"

Batman action figures Bucket of Dinosaurs
A jeep for my army guys, cool! The Millennium Falcon
Pirate Ship!

Thank you Santa!

Aloha outfit and ukulele from Gpa & Gma A Clock Tower from Gpa & Gma Hardy
Christmas Day
Kyle and Awsumb exchange gifts Silly Guys!
Christmas Sunday
"Too cute for my own good!" Mommy and Awsumb
I'm a STAR!


Kenneth's Christmas from Awsumb Doc Ock Legos!

Merry Christmas!