California Adventure


I can do it! Dumbo
Mmmm... Cool, can I have one?

Mickey Glasses Harry Potter Glasses
Awsumb's first ride on the Matterhorn Bendy Jack!
Jungle Cruise

Tiger! Eyore
California Adventure
Tower of Terror! smashing pennies!
Day 3
Back to Disneyland...

 "What do you want to do today Awsumb?
"Meet princesses"
So we spent all day waiting in line with all the little girls to meet the princesses.
Of course, Awsumb stole their hearts!  Princess Aurora in particular!
(Notice the big kiss she left on his face!)

Aladdin Princess Aurora

Look at me mom!
Autopia Chevron Car Winner --->

Yep, more junk food!
Later that day...

Awsumb seemed to have a temperature so we went over to the First Aid.  They sent Gepetto in to keep Awsumb company for a while.  Princess Aurora came into see another little girl, but when she saw Awsumb she recognized him immediately.  Awsumb was quite jealous of Prince Phillipe!

I want to go on that ride over there! Too tired to watch the fireworks!
Stuffed Mickey! Star Wars Legos
I don't want to go home! Time to go home
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