Age Eight

Awsumb Kenneth Hardy

2nd Grade 2009-2010


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A Totally Awsumb Pirate Birthday Bash

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Awsumb's Baptism
Awsumb rides a bike!
Pirate Legos!
Lego Pods
Cub Scouts - Wolf
In the first month. Awsumb earned his Bobcat,
2 Belt Loops and passed of 3 Achievements
In 6 months Awsumb earned...
 The Wolf Badge, 1 gold and 2 Silver Arrows

All the Ribbons to 100 Years of Scouting Patch
Service, Achievement, Character,
Outdoors and Leadership

Sports & Academics Loops & Pins:
Community, Chess, Computers,
Baseball & Bicycling

Oh & 7 of those pesky, tiny little activity chits

Mommy learned her lesson, if I don't help him earn any more patches I won't have to sew them!
Spring 2010- Hot Rods
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy map
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy's Scrapbook
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