A "Knights' Kingdom" Birthday Party

Awsumb Kenneth Hardy
Age 6



     In the summer of 2006 Awsumb fell in love with this little knight character from Lego's Knights' Kingdom Series.  Awsumb could relate to Jayko, the main character of the story.  Jayko is a new knight in the kindgom of Morcia. He is fast, but he is young and has much to learn.  Jayko eventually proves himself to the other knights, defeats the evil Lord Vladik and is crowned King over all of Morcia.  Just like Jayko, Awsumb is a quick learner and eager to do the right.  But he is also small and has much to learn.  We hope that Awsumb will continue to be valiant and prove himself worthy of the crown!






Jayko recieves the heart of the shield


The knights return to Morcia

Jayko Defeats the Evil Lord Vladik




Awsumb Kenneth Hardy map
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy's Scrapbook