Happy 3rd Birthday
Little Awsumb!

Awsumb and Friends
October 23, 2004
Nathan, Cory, Awsumb, Nathan, Max, Stevie
Kyle, Parker, Jack, Brandon, Sami, Shazer, Emma, Alex, Olivia, Isaac
And Little Miss Anjah must have been cleaning the kitchen!
The Spider-Man Web The Bounce House
When Awsumb woke up he thought Spider-Man must have come during the night and left this web in the living room.  He said it was, "So Cool!"

The kids had fun crawling around in the web as we waited for all the guests to arrive. As the party grew a little crowded we finally untangled the web to find a Spider-Man Pez for each child.
After the "Batman Chase" each superhero
earned his own Hot Wheels Batmobile.

An award was given to each superhero
for being Totally Awesome Defenders of Justice!

Anjah was such a good friend to share her
bounce house with all the superheroes.
This took up practically the entire living room.
It sure was fun!  Thanks Anjah!
"Help!  I'm Trapped" Bouncin' Bouncin' Bouncin'...
"My Turn," the kids all say. "We should get one of these Mom!" says Awsumb
Stevie as Superman!  "Look I'm flying!" Brandon, Awsumb, Anjah
"Whew, I'm going to need a day at the spa when this is over," says Little Miss Anjah. Anjah performs an Indian Rain Dance
Make a Wish!
"Wow, this has been a pretty cool Birthday!" "Mmmm, yummy cake"
Awsumb, Alex and Isaac Still as sweet as can be!
I sure am going to miss these guys.  Good thing I wished for a trip to Hawaii!
Isn't the Hulk just misunderstood?  Here the kids demonstrate Hulk's many moods!
Awsumb Olivia
Isaac Shazer
Emma Sami
Awsumb and Uncle Robert "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work I go!"
-Cory as Dopey
Awsumb and Kyle go our for a birthday dinner
Your gifts were all so thoughtful!
Thanks for coming to my party!

Love, Awsumb


Awsumb Kenneth Hardy map
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy's Scrapbook