Happy 1st Birthday!
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy



October 19, 2002
Daddy gives Awsumb his 1st Birthday Gifts
The Fisher-Price Little People Amusement Park and Eddie's Remote Control Jeep
"The Biggest Little 1st Birthday Party Ever!"  
Take 1  (scroll down to see pictures from the second party)
Sydney, Ellis, Dallin, Kyle, Awsumb, Katrina, Cory, Lindsay
After all the kids arrived and received a hat and a noise maker
We all squeeeezed into the kitchen to play games...
"Put the Frog in Eddie's Pocket" "Fish Your Prize"
Then we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Awsumb
Awsumb sure made a mess with his cupcake!  Daddy was assigned to clean up the mess.
"Happy Birthday to You..." "Awsumb's 1st Birthday Cake"
A few more pictures from the party...
"Let's get this party started!" Kyle, Awsumb, Katrina
Sydney and Ellis Fishing Lindsay and Liisa Fishing
Cory and Kandi, isn't she the Best Big Sister? Angie puts Dallin's watch on..
Lauren and Kyle eating cake Rosana and Katrina
Awsumb watching the kids Balloons!
Later one Mommy finally lets Awsumb play with his new toys...
Katrina went to "Build  a Bear" and  picked out this cute bear with a football uniform!
Awsumb just had to try on the helmet!
Xylophone from Kyle Boat from Dallin
Race car from Robert Traffic Cops from Lindsay
Zoo train from Sydney and Ellis Magnets from Cory
Thanks for all the wonderful Gifts!
Uncle CK and Aunt laurel sent Awsumb
his first bucket of Lego blocks.

Along with Great Grandpa Awsumb
they also sent money for his savings account!
Grandpa and Grandma Awsumb
sent Awsumb his first bike,
a stack of books
and the softest little doggie!

Awsumb loves to "Zoom, Zoom"
around the kitchen on his new bike. 
He legs aren't quite long enough,
so Mommy and Daddy have to push.

Thank You!
Awsumb petting his
"oh so soft" little doggie.
Awsumb's Kitchen bought with
Sending Money from Gpa and Gma Hardy
Thank you Aiden! 
Despite my funny face I love my new pull toy!
"The Biggest Little 1st Birthday Party Ever!"  
Take 2
Aiza, Emma, Anjah, Awsumb, Sammy, Jacob, Shazer and CJ
Game #1
Put the frog in Eddie's Pocket!

Awsumb (right)

Sammy, Emma

Aiza and CJ (below)

"Fish Your Prize"
Daddy and Awsumb...
Anjah and her Daddy Shazer (hoping he doesn't get a girl prize!)
Emma and Aiza Everyone helping Sammy
All the kids, showing off their prizes!
Happy Birthday to Awsumb, Happy Birthday to you!
"MMMMM!" "Can we have a third party?"
Anjah brought Awsumb a cute outfit with an airplane on it. 
The Valeriano kids made Awsumb a really neat card
and Pia put together and alphabet scrapbook for Awsumb- cute! 
Thanks Everyone!
Awsumb and Anjah playing Ok, time for bed...


Awsumb Kenneth Hardy map
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy's Scrapbook