Happy 2nd Birthday!
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy
Awsumb's Bob the Builder Birthday Party!
Mommy decorated with caution tape, warning cones and balloons everywhere
Construction Hats required!
Rock Toss Game Parachute
Awsumb sure loved this! Cool!
Pin the Tools on Bob's Belt Pull String PiƱata
Awsumb's Favorite M&M's, Friendship Bracelets, Whistles and Porcupines Mr. Potato Head!
Doughnuts and Juice  


After the Party each child got to take a hammer home.  Mommy wouldn't give out the hammers until their shoes and coats were on!

"Whew, all done" Thanks for all the great gifts!
After the Party we went out to lunch. While we were out the mailman
left a package from Gpa Awsumb, filled with everything "Bob the Builder."
Awsumb was most excited about the bubble bath..
then he immediately took a nap on his new pillow.
Yeah for Mommy and Daddy!
Bob the Builder Bubble Bath! "Can we leave these balloons out all year?
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy map
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy's Scrapbook