Snapshots -Age Three

 October 2004
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy
Age 3
Spider-Man and Friends Birthday Party!
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What do you get the cutest little superhero ever that has everything?
A few games and another hunk of plastic...
Superhero Play Set
Daddy just had to get this for Awsumb
Some of the cool features are:
pump action elevator and dart;
spot light, zip-line and slide.
I guess it's kind of like the
Barbie Dream House,
but for Spidey and Friends? 
Hungry Hungry Hippos
from Mommy
As we were playing Hungry Hungry Hippos I remembered the time I was babysitting my younger brother and sister.  They were pretending like they were the hippos and Brian swallowed a marble.  What was I thinking giving this to my 3 year old!  Awsumb sure thought it was a lot of fun.
  Awsumb's new building set from the Scrantons
Hot Wheels track from the Shanley's
Corvette from Uncle Robert

Super Awsumb! 
 (cape made with love from Mommy)

Happy Halloween !
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November 2004
  Triceratops Roar!
Hot Wheels Car Show!

December 2004
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Spring 2005
Awsumb Kenneth Age 31/2
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Wannabe a Cowboy! All work and no play!
St. Pats Hat  

I got it!  
Happy Birthday Anjah

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June 2005
Sprinklers! Trains
Nathan & Awsumb
Awsumb's New Pirate Ship
Telescope Just hanging out!
July 2005
Anjah and Awsumb take swim lessons at Samena Swim Club
  Yogurt Pop!

An apple a day... Ta Da!  Puzzles!
August 2005
"Happy," the well-mannered
dinosaur puppet
At the Swim Club
Noodles! Splashin'
Awsumb memorized
"There's a Wocket in my Pocket!"
By Dr. Seuss
Then he would compare it to another edited version he has
and tell us what was missing

September 2005
First Day of Preschool Bread the kids baked at preschool
Take the picture already!
Laundry Basket Pirate!
October 2005
Awsumb and Kyle 1st Sleepover Baseball Bed
Baby Pumpkin Patch Bread Dough Dinosaur
Fire Chief CD Player
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy map
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy's Scrapbook