Snapshots -Age Two

October 2003
October Portraits
Happy 2nd Birthday!
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go out
Trick or Treating


Happy 2nd Birthday!
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2 years old, too busy to take a proper picture! "Let's get to church Mommy," says Awsumb

Age Two, What can I do?
Sing the ABC Song, Count from 1 to 20,  Spell my Name,
Name all the shapes (including Octagon and Pentagon)
Sing "Take me out to the Ballgame", "I Am a Child of God", "Elmo's World" among others.
 Roll Somersaults, Hit a Baseball, Kick a Soccer Ball, Shoot a Basket,
and "Jump Around" (as Awsumb says)
Ask if "your ok?", say "please and thank you"
Demand that Mommy wear her seat belt, Push a small shopping cart, pay at the checkout
Help Mommy cook dinner, sweep up the floor, and switch loads in the laundry
I love to play dinnertime, feed my teddy bears and tuck them into bed

I am learning to... use the Potty, Dress and undress myself, Drink from cups with no lid.
Use a computer mouse to point and click, Call people on the phone (even if mommy didn't help me!)
Do more complicated puzzles and Color with more control


  "Hello Mommy"
Child Prodigy...

"Happy Birthday to Me"

Little People Construction Set Bob the Builder Legos!
November 2003
November?  I think we skipped that month!
(see 2003 Vacations and 2003 Family Fun!)
December 2003
"Christmas Wishes"


Awsumb's new train set

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Bob the Builder slippers from Aunt Katie  
Awsumb loves to line up
The Three Wisemen, Santa and Eddie,
to share gifts with Baby Jesus.



January 2004
  Baby Moose
Batting Practice

Awsumb's Laptop Computer  
Hot Wheels Car Show

February 2004
Be My Valentine!

Awsumb and Danny
Silly Pencil Guy
Confused Superhero Pouting Superhero
Awsumb is wearing his Spiderman PJ's with his Bob the Builder Slippers
and is pretending to fly like Buzz Lightyear. 
When I tried to explain he was silly he gave me the pout face.
March 2004
One of Awsumb's favorite toys is his Fisher-Price Little People Collection
Lately he really loves his city. He likes to pretend people get hurt, then have to see the doctor, or Eddie has to get his hair cut and best of all working the carwash!
Awsumb St. Patrick!  
Some of Awsumb's Art work from Art Class
Awsumb says, "Ta Da!!!"
The Book Worm
As a parent, the first thing you think when all is silent is, "What trouble is my child getting into now."  Usually, this is the actual scene we find!  The first snapshot is how I found Awsumb one day.  He said, "Mommy, I gave my bears all their own books!"  I guess he had assigned them all a book to read... Wonder if he expected a book report? 
The second snapshot is when Daddy was doing the dishes, he backed up to find Awsumb reading one of his favorite books, "Toy Story" on the kitchen floor.

Things I do at 2 1/2
Awsumb is learning his states. He knows where all his Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles live
And of course where Disneyland and Disneyworld are located.

Awsumb draws circles and lines.  He likes to pretend he is drawing Buzz Lightyear.  Awsumb is learning to use scissors and loves to get out his stamps, glue and other art supplies.
Mommy prefers to just do painting and playdough at his Gymboree-Art Class! 
But sometimes Daddy will help him get the playdough out at home.

Awsumb attends Gymboree Music classes.  He loves to see his friend Parker there. 
He likes to dance and sing silly songs.  He is going to see the "Wiggles" in concert next month.  Awsumb learns new songs quickly.  It take him about a week to learn a new primary song.  His favorites this month are, "Jesus once was a little child" and "My Heavenly Father loves me."
Of course his stage presence in no way compares to his friend Anjah,
 who is ready to appear on Star Search!

Awsumb loves to play games.  His favorite right now is "Hi Ho Cherry O"

Awsumb is still learning to use the potty, and loves to pick out his own clothes.  He would wear a "football" outfit and baseball hat everyday if we let him.  He is particular about which shoes he wears and likes to line them up in his cubby hole, saying "nicely, nicely" after coming in from outside. 

Whenever we leave the house he has to take one Stuffed Bear, One Car and One train.  He says, "Only one, Mommy."  Awsumb likes to run errands and go out and about with Mommy. He especially loves visiting the grocery store and getting stickers or a free cookie.  When we go to a restaurant Awsumb likes to order for himself and always tells the server "Thank You."


April 2004
Spring Portraits
A Visit from the Easter Bunny... Look at this cool butterfly net!
Nathan and Awsumb at the Easter Egg Hunt Preston and Nathan, getting lined up!
Ready Set, Go!  
I found some!
The Wiggles in Concert!!!
Awsumb, Rosana, and Katrina  
  Is it really them?
Captain Feathersword, Awsumb's favorite!
Wags the Dog  
Katrina and Awsumb Dancing
Thanks for treating us to such a fun day Rosana!
Cougar Mountain Zoo
Awsumb and Kyle watching the Cougars Awsumb and Kyle checking out the Alpaca
Bridger, Awsumb, Kyle and Lemurs Awsumb learning about Macaw's
Kyle, Awsumb and the Headless Crane (Noisy!) Ok, we saw everything, let's go home now!
May 2004
Awsumb and Katrina  
Lunch Time!
  Catching Butterflies
Best Buddies!

Mickey Mouse!

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June 2004
Awsumb making his favorite, Macaroni and Cheese!
July 2004
Awsumb and Mommy were invited to go sailing
 with our friends Peg and Dick.
At first Awsumb wasn't too excited
about wearing a lifejacket or sunscreen...
Peg and Dick were patient and after some time
he got used to being on the boat
and even got to help out.
We had a wonderful day!
Thanks for inviting us!

Awsumb working the ropes After all that work you need a snack
God Bless America!
Awsumb and Anjah at the 4th of July Picnic
Awsumb's favorite prize from the piƱata was his parachute
The youth were painting the kids faces.  Awsumb wanted spider-man cheeks!
Best Friends
August 2004
Awsumb loves to play pirates "Look, a treasure!"
The best place to be on a hot day is at the lake!
Awsumb at Houghton Beach
on Lake Washington

September 2004
Awsumb and Anjah take Pony Pal classes at Farrel McWhirter Park
Awsumb, Penny and Farmer Pam
By Day 2 Awsumb and Anjah were ready to groom Penny all by themselves!
At the Zoo
Nathan, Brandon and Awsumb
  Finally we found and elephant!
Wanna come out and play?

We just couldn't get all the kids to stop running around the cave for a snapshot!
Pulling the Wagon The traditional line up!
October 2004

"Almost Three - Look At Me!"

  Double Bills- Silly Kid!
Artwork from Gymbo-Art class

Awsumb Kenneth Hardy map
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy's Scrapbook