Snapshots -1 to 2 Years Old

October 2002
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Biggest "Little People" Party Ever!
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the Pumpkin Patch and Halloween 2002
November 2002
Awsumb and Daddy
reading computer magazines
Awsumb going for a lick of Daddy's lollipop
"God Always Keeps His Promises!"
Awsumb eats his first Kid's Meal from Wendy's
Ok, so he only ate the fries and a bit of his shake.  He didn't care for the chicken  nuggets. 
Even though Mommy washed it, he still licks his toy... Maybe because it smells like Wendy's?
A box, A box!
"Mommy bought this box of baskets for my toys,
I think the box makes a great tunnel!"
Awsumb showing off his new Cowboy PJ's
Awsumb, finally brave enough to learn to crawl down the stairs!
December 2002
"Winter Wonderland"
“And there were in the same country
shepherds abiding in the field,
keeping watch over their flocks by night.
And, lo, an angel of the Lord appeared unto them:
and they were sore afraid.
But the angel said unto them,
Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings
of great joy, which shall be to all people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David
a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” 
Awsumb's Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Set
Daddy brought this extra keyboard home from work,
hoping it would keep Awsumb busy while Mommy and Daddy were on the computer. 
Awsumb thinks he just needs his own computer!
Of all the toys in our house, Daddy's IPAC is truly, Awsumb's very favorite to get a hold of!
 Merry Christmas!


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Awsumb's new ornament
 (Eddie the Little People Character on the bottom)
"Can I take it off to play with now?"
While Daddy was sweeping Awsumb went over and picked up the dust pan to help,
now if he would just learn to dust like Anjah!
Mommy's friend sent this outfit from Italy
Awsumb caught coloring on the wall in the office with a blue crayon!
Maybe cheerios will keep Awsumb busy?
"If I make monkey faces Mommy will think I am so cute she will forget about my wall art!"
January 2003
Awsumb's New Haircut
Always on the move... Awsumb won't stand still long enough to get a picture!
Awsumb playing football in his quarterback sweater
"Hmmmm, let me think about that" Awsumb, drinking milk
on his step stool in the kitchen
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Awsumb likes to wear this red baseball hat,
even thought is it too big!
He sees the camera and says, "OOOOOO!"
Awsumb and Daddy playing in the toy room!
Awsumb loves his "little kitchen"
February 2003
It's all about balloons at our house!
Whenever we are out and about we usually end up coming home with a balloon.
Awsumb is very sweet and always bring the heart Balloon to Mommy (it is from Valentine's)
Awsumb shows off his Sonics Uniform...
"Hey, that isn't a basketball?"
Awsumb goes for a foul shot...
"Great form!"
March  2003
The bottom step,
Awsumb's favorite seat in the house! 
Here he is sitting with his little animals in his "Authentic Microsoft Kid" t-shirt
Sleeping with monkey!
Awsumb's new
basketball hoop!
as Awsumb calls it
 "ball ball"

Pictures don't do his game justice...

"Peek..." "A Boo!"
Building Baby Lego Blocks
April 2003
Awsumb's first day of Jr. Nursery Class
Peanut, Peanut Butter, and JELLY!
Bath time!  First bath in the BIG TUB!
First Trip to the ZOO!
Awsumb took his first trip to the zoo with his friend Anjah.  On the left is Awsumb with his plastic elephant and turtle balloon.  On the Right Awsumb checks out the MONKEYS!  I think he liked the Otters and the Peacock the best.  (I will get more pictures from Anjah's Mommy soon!)
Every time we get out a blanket and spread it on the floor Awsumb wants to play under it.
So, I made a little tent with the card table and a quilt. 
You can see here how much Awsumb loved to play in his little tent.  And so did Daddy!
"Come here, Katrina, let me show you
my favorite place to read"  says Awsumb
Smile for the camera!
We just don't know why Awsumb finds the bottom step so comfortable.  He often leans back as if he is sitting in an easy chair.  Too funny!  Here he is dreaming over a Lego Blocks catalog
May 2003
Awsumb's new outfit from Auntie Laurel Reading Spiderman Comic Books
  Good Night Moon!
Awsumb's Favorite bedtime story.
Awsumb asks to brush teeth all day long!
Kyle and Awsumb take a ride in Awsumb's new wagon!
Awsumb at 18 Months!
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June 2003
Awsumb modeling his summer haircut. 
Daddy just finished putting this shelf together for above his dressing table.
Awsumb and Bob! Awsumb's two prized possessions,
a hammer and a bat!
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Farrel McWhirter Park
Awsumb and Kyle on the tire swing
Awsumb checking out the 3 day old baby piglets Awsumb talking to the goats
Awsumb and Kyle being silly Anjah, "I saw the goats already, let's move on!"
Kyle, "I wonder what those chickens taste like?"
Awsumb, "I bet I could fix the cage up
better if I had my hammer with me"
July 2003
Independence Day 2003
At the Zoo, Again
"Awsumb stretching TALL as a giraffe"  
Awsumb and Ben showing off their animals

  Anjah and Awsumb, "Little Monkey's"
Awsumb's favorite, the Elephants!
Awsumb loved watching
the baby Elephant get a bath.
August 2003
Summer Cruisin'
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August Visit From Gpa and Gma Hardy
Awsumb, showing off his new hat... and what a kissable face he has!
Awsumb is really into fire trucks.  He can tell you all about them.  He likes to point out the pumps, ladders and hoses.  Most fire engines are red, but he likes YELLOW ones best! Gma Hardy put Awsumb right to sleep with his favorite night time story book.  We are going to hire her to come over every night!
See Awsumb at the Ballpark.... click here "Rocking in Mommy's rocking chair"
At the pool Awsumb wears this funny float suit.  What a "tub a lub"!
Awsumb favorite game is to sing "motor boat, motor boat" and spin around.
Awsumb also loved to jump in and of course, play catch.
"Kick, Kick, Kick"

New Fisher-Price Garage "Vroom Vroom"
September 2003
Watching "Bob the Builder"  
Awsumb can't go anywhere
without "Bob the Builder"

  "Baby in a Box, $5"
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"Let's go surfing!" "Choo, Choo"
October 2003
Awsumb often reads every book on the shelf in one sitting!
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy map
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy's Scrapbook