Snapshots -Expecting Newborn to 1 year

Expecting Baby!

Rocking chair and armoire
provided by "Great" Grandpa Awsumb.
Thanks Grandpa!

Wendy on October 2, 2001

Wendy in her favorite jumper Kenneth Expecting Baby


October 19, 2001

Awsumb Kenneth Hardy

Wendy and Awsumb

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First Day Home


Grandpa and Grandma Awsumb drove all day from Utah to Seattle
to be with Awsumb on his birthday October 19, 2001

Awsumb with Dennis and Colleen,
his "Awsumb" Grandparents

Gma Colleen cradled Awsumb all day!


First Bath

Three days old


Drying Off

All Clean


"Mommy's Little Mummy"
When Awsumb was first born we spent all day wrapping and rewrapping him up tight!

Close Up

Close Up

Awsumb in the Sunshine Room   

Awsumb with Teddy


Daddy and Awsumb Kenneth

One week old


Happy Halloween!


Mommy and Awsumb dressed for church


Awsumb tucked in afghan
Made just for him by Pattie

Awsumb Asleep
Almost Two weeks Old

Robert and Awsumb

Awsumb playing on his new quilt
from Auntie Doris

Awsumb all ready for bed (just one month old)  Blanket made by Grandma Hardy


Wendy and Awsumb ready to go shopping


Awsumb asleep in Mother's bed

Awsumb with "Twain"

November 2001
Awsumb in his Rocking chair from Gpa Awsumb

December 2001

Awsumb's blessing

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Awsumb's, Allen's and Hardy's come to visit...

Hardy Grandparents

Auntie Laurel

Grandma Awsumb

Awsumb and Uncle CK

Hardy Grandparents

CK and Auntie Laurel

Gpa and Gma Awsumb

Grandma Shirley Hardy

Grandpa Hardy

Awsumb's new blanket from Pattie Almost a smile!

"Let's build something, after my nap!"

Tool time!

Here is Awsumb in Mommy's sling.  This was the best baby purchase we made!
Awsumb is so cozy and Mommy has her hands free.
One foot out!


Up close

First Smiles captured on camera! 12/10/01
Awsumb smiles at mother

Daddy's trick was to tickle Awsumb's face with a burp rag



Training for the Olympics!


Awsumb's Christmas Presents
Awsumb's Christmas PJ's

Awsumb played the baby Jesus in the church play

Since Awsumb sleeps with Mommy and Daddy or in his bassinet,
 we attached Awsumb's mobile to his dressing table. 
He loves to watch it while we change his diaper.
Makes diaper time more bearable for him, and Mommy!
  Two months old

Ride in the car to look at Lights
 on Christmas Day

Awsumb's new swing

All Bundled up

Close up    

Aunt Katie's visit to see Little Awsumb

Awsumb's favorite Aunt Katie

Awsumb naps after church on Katie's lap


Awsumb's favorite Aunt Katie

Daddy and Awsumb

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Awsumb reads his new book from Dallin


January 2002 February 2002

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Awsumb's Three months Portrait
Vacation to Utah...

Click here- for more picture from February 2002 Road trip to the 2002 Olympic Games

March 2002

Rolling over... 


Awsumb plays in his "bouncy chair" while Mother takes a shower
Awsumb is teething and chews on his fingers... just love those smiles!


New outfit from Robert's Christmas gift

Show me your toes!

Easter Sunday
April 2002
Awsumb showing off his strong legs...

Awsumb at 6 months!

Reading Daddy's Book

May 2002


Baby Baseball

June 2002
Little Awsumb
 "Family Reunion Vacation"
Awsumb took his first airplane ride to California to visit his "Awsumb" family

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Hardy Grandparents Visit June 2002
Awsumb sleeping with Gma Shirley Awsumb loves his new High Chair
Gpa Hardy and Awsumb laying on the floor Daddy playing rough with Awsumb
Saying goodbye early in the morning
Ready for Swim Lessons!

Modeling Swim Suit

July 2002
Independence Day
Awsumb was so excited to wave his very own flag.
We sang this song to him over and over!
"You're a grand old flag, you're a high flying flag,
And forever in peace may you wave!"


Awsumb finally gets a room of his own in the attic above the garage...
Awsumb likes his new bed!
After a long day of visiting friends and walking along the lake,
Awsumb needed a bath before bed to wash all the sunscreen out of his hair.
Awsumb loves to splash the water and play with his boat.
Gpa Awsumb brought Awsumb this race car outfit the day he was born
Gpa Awsumb also likes to give Awsumb Hot Wheels.
Problem is his Mommy won't let him take them out of the box,
and well, they just don't make good teething toys!
Awsumb's friend Anjah gave him her Mega Saucer to play with
Awsumb sure loves bouncing and playing in it!  Plus it keeps him out of Mommy's way!
July 2002

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August 2002
Look at me! Awsumb's first shiner (left eye)
Awsumb's first car!  Beep Beep! Asleep with toys
Awsumb swinging during naptime... A scene to be found daily at our house...
I found Awsumb asleep in his room just like this! 
Must have tired himself out practicing his swing, I guess!
Daddy and Awsumb Awsumb's Jumper
August 2002 Trip to Utah for Katie's Wedding (click link to see more pictures)
Awsumb's Submarine Outfit we picked out with Robert's Gift certificate
9 Months and getting too big for his bassinet, here is Awsumb waking up from his nap. 
September 2002

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Awsumb carries this clown puppet that his friend Dallin gave him everywhere he goes.
We have to make him a trade to get it away from him!
Awsumb loves his FP Little People firehouse!
Awsumb tells Cory how it is! Samantha, Anjah and Awsumb
Awsumb finally fits into the PJ's Daddy bought before he was born
Mommy's friend Denene gives Awsumb his first haircut.
Now Awsumb looks like a real boy!
Almost 1 and getting into trouble...
Playing Peek-a-Boo in the pantry Look what I found!
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy map
Awsumb Kenneth Hardy's Scrapbook