Happy Halloween

Little Awsumb
October 2004

"Aye, aye matey!"

"Swab the deck!"

Halloween Weekend Bonanza!
Awsumb sitting on the front porch, all decorated for Halloween
Trick or Treating at Microsoft M&M's - Awsumb's favorite!
A Spider! Gulp!  Have your read the ingredients on these?
Happy Birthday Kyle!
Trick or Treating Night 2
  Awsumb and Anjah ready to start!
Trunk or Treating at the Church
Anais did such a great job
making Anjah's Halloween costume!
"Look Mommy, a pirate just like me!"
Jamie, Kari and Awsumb
Trick of Treating Night 3
Around the neighborhood with Nathan
Nathan and Awsumb  


Although we did see about 2 dozen kids out in the neighborhood
only 2 girls came all the way to the end of our dark street and knocked on our door! 
Maybe next year we will have to set up at the top of the street!


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